Sample sale! Paradise Double Seater Hanging Chair - White

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Our gorgeous double seated Paradse hanging chair has enough room for 2 and holds up to 700 lbs.  Gorgeous deep seated bench with an airy feel to it.  This piece is on sample sale only because one of the back bars is slightly slanted.  It does not damage the structure and is only a physics flaw. 

  • handmade in Indonesia by srtisans
  • natural rattan
  • small batch
  • offered in white
  • with cushion
  • holds up to 700 lbs
  • hardware not included
  • measures approx. 44 inches wide x 50 inches in height x 30 inches in seat depth
  • please note that everything is handmade and not by a machine. Therefore every piece is different and is perfectly imperfect
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