Candle Care


  • Our candles are all made with cotton wicks that are ZINC FREE, but there are a couple of measures to take to ensure the longevity of your candle.
  • When you first take your candle out, it is imperative that you trim the wick down.  This will not only extend the life of your candle, but it will also prevent excess smoking.
  • With the first burn, wait until the wax has melted to the sides before blowing it out.  Candles often remember their burn methods, and this will help ensure an even burn each time. 
  • Wicks should always be trimmed 1/4th of the way down to remove any excess burned wick.  This will eliminate smoking and even out your burn.  Keep this up and you will improve the longevity and burn of your candle.
  • Always burn candles away from drafts and windows to ensure safety.  Leaving your candle near a draft could result in quicker burns and smoking. 
  • If your candle is smoking noticeably, it is because the wick has not been trimmed properly.  Turn it off and trim the excess burned wick to a nub, then resume enjoying your candle.



  • Our candles are made of a blend of body safe Phthalate and Sulfate free fragrances.  Some of them will patina and color naturally to a yellow hue over time as anything with a blend of vanilla, tuberose or warm fragrances naturally patinas.  Please do not be alarmed as this does not affect the performance or scent of the candle.