Rare Earth Tone Moroccan Rug - Approx 5 x 8

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A beautiful modern and rare earth tone Moroccan rug.  Thick tufted wool from Morocco.  A great neutral for those looking for an earth tone that is not on the warmer side. 

- handmade in Morocco - Middle Atlas, Béni Mellal-Khénifra

- vintage 

- Boijaad / unique Teppich- Boujad rugs are handwoven pile rugs from a small region in Haouz between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic ocean. The weaver has placed several rows of knots on and between several wefts and used colorful, bold hues with striking traditional symbols. This creates a unique catchy composition of amazing patterns, producing an unusually rich free form

-measures approx 5 x 8 / about 4.7 x 7.8 (please know that this is an approximate as these are handmade)