XLG Seagrass Mirror - Black w/ Light Fringe


Our beautiful new xlg seagrass mirrors marries both art and function. These beautiful pieces are all handwoven on the island of Java and gives a touch of texture to any space. Big and bold to provide function as well as a conversation starter in any home. They are simply stunning. Please refer to the last picture to see the size comparison next to our popular Helios Rattan Mirror.

-handcrafted in Java
-small batch
-made of seagrass, wood, mirror
-offered in black with light fringe
-measures approx 40 inches in diameter including the fringe
- please note that when you receive this piece, the seagrass might be matted as it is natural in the shipping process. Run your fingers thru to manipulate the fringe. And fluff them if needed. They will straighten out in now time.


Please allow 1 week for handling unless otherwise discussed

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